Exhibitors competed for your votes

Visitors voted for their favourite new product at the Innovation Challenge Gallery. Exhibitors with the most votes made it through to the live finals, then delivered a 90-second pitch of their initiative to a panel of industry judges. See the full list of entries and winners below.

The judges were:

  • Josh Miles, Director, CPT Cymru
  • Phil Hitchen, MD, Belle Vue Coaches
  • Chloe Leach O’Connell, MD, Leach-O’Connell Consultancy
  • Tom Morgan, Group Commercial Director, trentbarton
  • Chris Remnant, Engineering Director, Abellio London


Wheely Safe Ltd, Stand T98


Wheely-Safe is the world leading in-motion wheel loss detection system, incorporating brake and hub temperature monitoring with an intelligent TPMS.

The fully patented technology is already protecting a number of major bus and coach fleets, including full fleet fit outs at Trentbarton and Translink. The system offers a final control measure to protect against the risks of wheel loss, brake and hub overheating, tyre underinflation and high tyre temperatures. In-motion alerts allow the driver to bring the vehicle safely to a halt should an issue be detected.

The latest generation kit is telematics-ready, increasing opportunities for connectivity and reporting to the office.

Driver's Mate from Drivetech

DriveTech (UK) Limited, Stand F20

Driver's Mate from Drivetech

Drivetech knows it can be challenging rolling out learning to your drivers which is why we’ve created Driver’s Mate. Based on Nudge theory, these short, engaging animations (we’re producing over 200!) tell immersive stories from the perspective of the driver, making them enjoyable to watch, relatable and easy to absorb. They are all about safety at the wheel and best on-road practice to checking the vehicle and looking out for customers too.

The bite size animations are mobile, tablet and desktop accessible meaning they can be watched at a time and location convenient to you and your drivers with minimal time away from the day job. Each animation focuses on one subject area ensuring the learning outcomes are targeted, clear and effective.

For bus and coach operators they can also be easily shown in crew mess rooms and the like.

Journeo Portal

Journeo, Stand T10

Journeo Portal (latest release)

The latest release of the Journeo Portal combines data, remote access/live monitoring and insight from critical on-vehicle systems – including positioning, telematics, CCTV, passenger counting, driver behaviour and WiFi – and fleet/service management tools (duty and vehicle applications) in one Connected Transport Platform. The platform presents actionable information across dashboards, management applications and APIs.

The future roadmap includes increased integration with vehicle sensors and sub-systems, and a fully featured content management system for RTPI solutions.

TM Guide App

EOS Training Limited, Stand E31

TM Guide App by EOS Training Limited

EOS Training is proud to launch the new TM Guide App. This industry-first product will provide Transport Managers with the very latest compliance on the go, replacing the requirement for material-based publications and setting a new benchmark for both sustainability and convenience.

With regular updates and live bulletins, the TM Guide App includes 30 relevant modules, end-of-modular enhanced subject retention checks, a comprehensive search facility and certification for Continued Professional Development. Accessible on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PC’s.

Endorsed and supported by leading industry bodies, the TM Guide App is the one-stop shop for total compliance.


CitySwift, Stand T80

Evolve by CitySwift

Evolve blends GPS, scheduling and ticketing data to deliver AI-powered runtimes that drastically improve journey speeds and service dependability. Evolve’s Service Level module analyses movement patterns and boarding and alighting data across your network, offering the insights needed to balance supply with demand.

– Save time by removing the need for painstaking data manipulation – let the accuracy of Evolve’s runtimes do the work.

– Grow your network by reducing wait times and increasing passenger satisfaction through a dependable, reliable, and fast service.

– Access an always-on overview of the network’s movement to uncover origin-destination insights, and plan a network around actual travel behaviour.

Scenic Buses

Mangopear Creative, Stand G21

Scenic Buses by Mangopear Creative

Ask yourself: why isn’t there a website highlighting all of Britain’s most scenic bus routes?

Well that’s what Scenic Buses is – a beautifully designed website showcasing the many great bus routes Britain has to offer – complete with timetables, route maps, tickets and information on places to visit and things to do along the way.

For more information or to list your scenic bus routes on our website, visit us at stand G21 or get in touch @ScenicBuses.

Scenic Buses is the home of Britain’s scenic bus services – visit scenicbuses.uk or follow us on social media to find your next adventure!

Stratio Predictive Battery Analytics - Battery Cortex Project

Stratio Stand T60

Stratio Predictive Battery Analytics - Battery Cortex Project

Thanks to the Battery Cortex Project, a research conducted by Stratio with Caetano Bus and the University of Halmstad, the Stratio Platform now offers an even more advanced set of metrics for electric buses. Paired with Stratio’s AI-powered predictive maintenance solution, the Predictive Battery Analytics algorithms enable maintenance teams to have contextual visibility over the state of health of each vehicle. The platform offers both actionable predictive insights that allow operators to eliminate unplanned downtime, as well as to optimise the usage and extend the life cycle of battery packs, ultimately accelerating a return on investment on EV transition.

Ticketer’s Smart Gateway

Ticketer, Stand T76

Ticketer’s Smart Gateway

Ticketer’s latest initiative, the Smart Gateway, is the cornerstone of our drive towards the “Connected Bus”.

Our Smart Gateway enables the Ticketer ETM to deliver fully integrated and richer solution and data, for example by displaying occupancy data onto destination blinds. By connecting disparate systems into one single communications platform not only reduces the complexity and cost of on-bus integrations, it also eliminates hardware duplication (fewer SIM cards) and centralises hardware management for operators. This allows integration of multiple data sources for improved critical insights, which subsequently increases passenger satisfaction.

Future-proof your on-bus operations today with the Ticketer Smart Gateway.

The Connected Workshop

Freeway Fleet Systems, Stand T62

The Connected Workshop by Freeway Fleet Systems

The Connected Workshop from Freeway sees data from mobile devices and onboard vehicle sensors transmitted live to a central hub that holds all fleet maintenance data. Data is pooled from apps used by drivers for their first-use safety checks and onboard systems such as Stratio and Wheely-Safe. Smart software processes the data to provide a complete oversight of the status of each vehicle, with critical defects and compliance issues highlighted on colour-coded screens. The system allows workshop managers to quickly prioritise work, minimise disruption and, together with predictive maintenance modelling, reduce downtime and cut fleet maintenance costs.

TransXChange Studio

Elydium, Stand T44 

TransXChange Studio by Elydium

Timetable verification made simple.

Save Time
Drag and drop any TransXChange data straight into your browser to view maps, timetables and reports. Export timetables in PDF or Excel format at the touch of a button.
Improve Data Quality
Validate timetables against the DfT’s PTI profile (or your own set of “house rules”) before publishing your data to the Bus Open Data Service.
Explore Open Data
View other operators’ timetables, from data sources including BODS and Traveline, without complex import procedures

TransXChange Studio is an affordable cloud-native subscription service. No software installation required. No setup fees.

All in One ‘Wedge’ MIMO Bus, Coach & Tram Antenna

Antenna and Cables, Stand T38

All in One ‘Wedge’ MIMO Bus, Coach & Tram Antenna

This low-profile antenna is simply, future proofed; 

  • Covering all bands in 3G, 4G LTE & 5G, WIFI 2.4 & 5.8GHz, with GPS/GNSS, and VHF/UHF can be added
  • An all in ‘One hole solution’
  • Multiple MIMO Cables, all double shielded LMR240, Low Loss RG58, RG174
  • All frequencies between 600MHz to 3700MHz, no gaps! and 5000Mhz to 6000MHz, for Hi Band WIFI and an extra 5G band. VSWR tested, and radiation patterns supplied
  • The casing is made of tough UV resistant hardened ABS, with rising slope for branch, tree deflection, exclusively designed and created by Bridge Systems for the commercial transport industry
  • Capable of all required data transfer.

All-in-one validation and retailing ticketing system

TransMach Systems Limited, Stand T52

TransMach has rolled out an innovative all-in-one solution for Keolis, the operator of the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) tram network in Q4 2021.

The Nottingham Contactless Project is the first such multi-operator network in the UK outside of London. Travel fare is paid by tapping on the platform validators using cEMV and ITSO based cards.

The inspection solution developed by TransMach helps reducing fare dodging, retailing tickets and digitalise manual forms and waybills. The solution validates cEMV transactions with API connections, ITSO transient tickets, and other QR coded tickets using the TM920 handheld machines. Cloud based back-office system offers inspection reports, 2 way messaging and many other features.


AssetGo Fleet & Compliance Management, Stand G14


AssetGo is a SaaS based software platform that helps streamline fleet operations and manage compliance. Restore Datashred, a leading shredding company, use the system for vehicle and asset checks, defect reporting, for the scheduling of maintenance and management of the fleet budget. It also gives them full visibility of their fleet’s compliance.

Restore Datashred has taken advantage of the new features and innovations introduced by AssetGo over the past year. These include the auto app logout on devices shared by multiple drivers, enabling individuals to be properly monitored whilst operating vehicles and machinery. And the new vehicle licence lookup functionality offers an easy-to-use interface for businesses to set up and automate their driver licence checking schedule. Giving full visibility of driver and grey fleet compliance, providing peace of mind while saving valuable time.


Evenergi UK Ltd, Stand T36

BetterFleet by Evenergi UK Ltd

BetterFleet provides one of the worlds most accurate multi-physics engines for creating a digital twin of your network; mapping topography, schedules and vehicle and charging performance, and enabling scenario analysis of climate, traffic, optimised schedules, capital investment, disaster recovery and electricity grid integration. Our route emulation is integrated with depot emulation to enable visualisation of bus parking and charging and the ability to run scenarios of different chargers, charging strategies, buses and operational regimes, and our charge management operationalizes the strategy and includes notifications and optimizations in the real-time environment.

Camira Print

Camira Transport Fabrics Ltd, Stand C40

Camira Print

With cutting edge capabilities, Camira Print creates fabrics made to amaze. Combining two centuries of expertise with state-of-the-art technology, textile manufacturer Camira has created a digital print solution that delivers the ultimate in design and manufacturing freedom.

Transforming what is possible in bus and coach interiors, this brand-new capability unleashes a world of potential – from photographic prints to custom patterns and typographic campaigns, there is no limit to what can be created. And, with a spectrum of 90,000 colours to choose from, low minimum order quantities and shorter manufacturing leadtimes, Camira Print is truly Made Unlimited.

Customer Resolution Centre

EPM Bus Solutions, Stand J70

Customer Resolution Centre

Efficiently manage and resolve customer feedback quickly and easily with the Customer Resolution Centre system that automatically collates enquiries from multiple platforms across bus operation (email, website, twitter, phone) into a central location. Integration with other internal and external systems feeds the platform to provide customer services with visibility of why issues may have arisen, enabling them to respond to customers quickly.

Case management capability allows users to track the follow up of all customer feedback, record activities and review responses against Service Level Agreement measures. Data captured during the process can be used to analyse the network and develop improvement plans.


Zenobē, Stand A34

Hekaton by Zenobē

Zenobē’s software collects and analyses data on live and historical energy usage and on the performance of chargers and vehicles, allowing fleet operators to minimise ‘peak power’ and energy costs whilst increasing operational efficiency. It also controls the speed of charge, minimising fast charging and maximising battery life. Furthermore, data collected provides a useful resource to inform driver’s performance and manage the impact of their driving on the vehicle’s battery.

Zenobē’s award-winning software forms part of its end-to-end fleet electrification solution including financing options, charging infrastructure, second-life batteries and its proprietary software.

MiX Vision AI

MiX Telematics Europe Limited, Stand T86

MiX Vision AI

MiX Vision AI is a dashcam solution that uses machine vision and ADAS technology to monitor risky driving behaviours. With MiX Vision event-triggered AI, customers can choose from dozens of events to trigger recordings. When these events occur, a video will be uploaded with footage that spans a configurable number of seconds before and after the event has occurred.

The events recorded include driver fatigue and yawning, distracted driving, seat belt usage, missing driver, imminent forward collision, unintended lane departure, hard braking, over speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, smoking, phone use and poor driving behaviour.

Monapass - Flowbird Enables MaaS Revenues for Transport Operators / Authorities

Flowbird Transport Intelligence, Stand T84

Monapass - Flowbird Enables MaaS Revenues for Transport Operators Authorities

Flowbird’s ticketing and app expertise is creating revenue for operators and authorities through integrated mobility. Flowbird delivered ‘Monapass’ for the Principality of Monaco. Monapass is a MaaS app with many features including:

● Account-based ticketing
● Secure in app m-tickets storage
● Combined ticketing for travel and entertainment (museums, cinemas, tours)
● Integrated journey planning with parking, public transport and active travel
● ID-based passes and subscription management

Through Monapass, Flowbird’s expertise in Payments, Account Based Ticketing and Apps is helping Monaco to achieve its target to reduce light vehicle traffic by 20% by 2030.

NotLost partner with TfL to replace Europe’s largest lost property system

NotLost, Stand T30

NotLost partner with TfL to replace Europe’s largest lost property system

In August 2022, we were proud to go live with a lost property solution for Transport for London (“TfL”) who manage the largest lost property operation in Europe.

This is a formidable challenge, with TfL handling more than 330,000 items of lost property a year across eight modes of transport and more than 400 stations (including Bus, Tube and Overground).

NotLost’s modern tech stack and cloud-based SaaS solution is highly configurable, providing TfL with a future-proofed system which will enable them to enhance their passenger experience and to explore improvements in manual and labour intensive processes across the network.

On-Demand Route Tracking

BusWhere, Stand T70

On-Demand Route Tracking b y BusWhere

BusWhere has been providing industry-leading ETAs and real-time bus movement for riders for almost a decade.

We are proud to announce On-Demand Route Tracking at Euro Bus Expo 2022. Riders can ask for a pickup at any location which informs a dispatcher or driver of the pending request. Rider and driver information is automatically shared, and the rider can see the bus on its way to pick them up, along with an ETA at their stop.

This is all enabled from the public-facing mobile website, easily shared with a QR code at a bus stop or key route locations.

Pedal Acoustic Feedback System

Ardent, Stand D26

Pedal Acoustic Feedback System by Ardent

According to a 2018 TfL study, there were 43 incidents involving misapplication of pedals between 2002-2018 in London alone.

The Ardent Safe Assist Module’s Pedal Acoustic Feedback system aims to prevent these incidents. Developed for ZEVs, the EMC-approved system plays an audible tone to the driver whenever the accelerator is pressed. The tone’s pitch shifts as the pedal is pressed, imitating the tone shift of an ICE engine to provide intuitive feedback.

PAF also plays alerts if the throttle is suddenly depressed by 70% or more, and when the accelerator and brake are pressed simultaneously, preventing pedal application errors.

Run Out Accelerator

Freeway Fleet Systems, Stand T62

Run Out Accelerator by Freeway Fleet Systems

Freeway’s Run Out Accelerator helps minimise disruption to bus operations during busy morning run outs. Defects reported by drivers during first-use checks are captured electronically in real-time and pooled together with defects that are already listed.

A Daily Defects Report then provides a simple, easy-to-view screen so the workshop can see which defects are blocking buses from service. Work can then be quickly prioritised, with a colour coded list on screen highlighting critical defects and those that require most urgent rectification.

Rapid action buttons show what needs to be done to bring a bus back into service.

The Cloud Workshop

Tranzaura (UK) Limited, Stand T58

The Cloud Workshop

The Cloud Workshop from Tranzaura helps operators to look after their assets, people, and the work they do. It is an all in one, connected digital platform for planned & unplanned maintenance that can used by management, engineers & drivers; whilst providing live driver defect reporting. Built using the latest cloud technology, Microsoft Azure, it offers the best security, endless customisation & flexibility, seamless integration with third parties and feature rich functionality. Overall, the platform optimises compliance, safety and maintenance within a workshop environment which includes visibility of maintenance schedules, communications between drivers & engineers, vehicle reliability and real time defect reporting.

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